We’re not your bias’ personal hype-women.

What is 화이팅! (Hwaiting!) Words?

A K-pop discussion podcast hosted by three Black women.

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Talkin’ that talk

Hwaiting! Words: Unpopular K-pop Opinions podcast is about the Black experience as a K-Pop fan.

A casual conversation between Black friends talking about what we love. Hwaiting! Words has carved out our own public space apart from the circus of social media. As Black fans, we and our listeners can honestly discuss, agree, disagree, laugh and critique the media we consume.

We’re offering a safe space to K-Pop and K Hip-Hop fans with opposing views. We’re here to promote the acknowledgment and acceptance of different (non-problematic) opinions.

On the podcast you’ll hear us discuss the messiness of the K-pop fandom as a whole. As well as the serious implications that come with being a Black K-pop fan.

If you’re a Black K-pop fan, K Hip-Hop fan or an ally you should take a listen!

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Contact Us

For listener comments, questions and concerns please send us a DM on Twitter or Instagram.

All business inquiries and podcast collaborations please send an email to ciaobora@comcast.net

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